Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Volunteers greatly enhance the daily living experience of our residents through the unique talents they are able to offer. The experience is beneficial for everyone, and Cambrian Senior Living is very grateful for the giving nature of so many who take the time to give something back to the elders in our community.

Cambrian welcomes you to share your gifts and talents with our residents through various volunteer opportunities. We understand that the opportunities need to meet your area of interest, ability level, and schedule so you tell us what will work best for you. You can choose to volunteer on occasion, or on a regular basis. Here are some some ideas of how you can help:

  • One-to-one conversational visits
  • Reading to visually impaired residents
  • Performing (playing instruments, singing, dancing etc.)
  • Escorting during off site excursions (supervising, pushing wheelchairs)
  • Providing a religious program (bible study, hymns & devotion, rosary, a Sunday program)
  • Heading up or assisting with an ongoing project in the wood shop
  • Heading up or assisting with an art or craft project
  • Assisting with special events
  • Assisting residents who have unique needs
  • Participating in inter-generational programs
  • Propose creative ideas and we can see how we can make them work!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Cambrian Senior Living please contact Mandy Otto at (517) 423-5300, or fill out the form below.   Cambrian Senior Living greatly appreciates our volunteers!

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